Why I always burn food is the day’s order

I always burn things in the kitchen. Some overachievers can smell burning food from afar and I couldn’t from an inch away. Exhibit A, the burnt omelette pictured above. I always burn garlic for some reason.

I believe I have reached my highest tolerance level of stuffing myself carcinogen that this latest arson incident at 12noon today led me to some hard soul searching.

Voila! I came up with these possible explanations – justifications why I think I burn and eventually waste food while millions of people die of hunger every minute around the world:

  • Electric stove heats up faster than the gas range I’m used to back home. Or maybe it’s the nuclear energy the French use for their stoves and heaters.
  • Olive oil vs. coconut oil, anyone?
  • Vegetables here cook faster! They are not “grown” for cooking in the first place because these pale people eat their oh-so-organic veggies raw.

If all else fail, I shall resort to this last point:

  • I cook here and back home I didn’t, hence, the higher probability of burning things.

Nonetheless, http://www.smittenkitchen.com/ gives my nutcase dreamer self some glimmer of hope that someday, someday I’ll be this ordinary citizen making glorious-oh-so-glorious everyday food in my ordinary kitchen. I shall!


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