About Des

A 30-year-old who recently moved to Muntinlupa, Philippines, Des is also a Belgian resident who lived in Brussels and Ghent, Belgium. She is a passionate handmaker, finding unparalleled joy in cooking, baking, and crafting. Des enjoys writing but what she really is – is a seasoned traveler. She started traveling when she was a baby braving the waves regularly to visit her grandmother and relatives in the Philippine island of Daram, Samar. She has not stopped since. She’s been pretty much around the 7,107 Philippine islands, visited some nearby Southeast Asian countries, been to North and West Africa, and Eastern & Central Europe. She’s still rollin’!

In her previous life, i.e. in her teens and twenties, Des was a modern dance group active member, a declaimer, a winning school paper photojournalist, a working student researcher, a training assistant & documenter, a customer service representative, a market researcher, a corporate admin assistant, a program officer at a microfinance consulting company, and an intern at an equity investment firm.

A true-blue Maroon, she finished her undergraduate studies at UP Diliman. At 26, Des moved to Europe and obtained her master’s degree from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. She lived in the Dutch political capital of Den Haag for 15 months and moved toLyon, France after her studies, learned a bit of the language & a whole lot of the culture, before moving to Belgium a year after. For a new life it brought her, she considers Ghent her second hometown.

Des hails from Catbalogan, Samar, a Waray-waray through and through. Fortunately, she got her logic from the Dutch prior to being swept off her feet by a French guy, his French family, and the French culture. In retrospect, the combo makes her a perfect Belge. On the pages of PinoyMatters, she shares snippets of her life’s never-ending transitions.

You must be wondering by now: what’s so special about Des? Nothing much really, except Des does things she loves to do, everyday. And to be able to do this, she has to find the things she loves.

The exciting search continues, welcome to her world!


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