An International Movie List at Home & My Friend Sofia

It’s technically not allowed by law so thank goodness you didn’t get the idea here to checkout PirateBay and access these movies listed below free of charge. Once you have them, download the subtitle (choose .srt files) unless you speak French and Brazilian (well, Portuguese) and voila! A wonderful international film festival right at the comfort of your home.

Also, if you want to see France (since most movies below are of French production and are mostly set in France, this is the cost-free way to do it). If you love Marion Cotillard, this is a great list for you! The first three movies are with her, plus she is married to that guy she’s paired with in the first movie listed, who directed the second movie with an all-star French cast. Two Brazilian movies that are here are so so so good that I’m on the lookout for more. Meanwhile, two are American series that got us so glued to the couch from morning ’til dawn for days. Keywords: Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and Jeremy Irons, how in the world would a series go wrong?!

movie posters

This list is a mix of different genres. Comedy, love story, drama, action, and for most movies, all at once! Action movies I started paying attention to recently and I totally like the genre now. It’s not only about the fight scenes but the story can be really incredibly interesting and well-written (I was always on the verge of having a heart attack the entire time I was watching Argo – disregard that this somehow constitutes my idea of being entertained by movies), as well as socially-relevant. If you’ve seen City of God and loved it, you will feel the same for Elite Squad.

Special shoutout to my long-time movie buddy, Sofia, who became a misis  last year. We’ve not seen eachother in years but  know that I miss you constantly. Best wishes again, Pei! This post is for you.


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