How Much to Travel in the Philippines: Camiguin Island Expenses

DSC_0240 (800x485)

Landing in Camiguin.

Des (browsing through the in-flight magazine): Look! There’s an Eiffel Tower in Japan!

Yoann: That’s France, always imitate, never coppayyd. (English translation: always imitated, never copied.)

I am starting a travel inventory. I want to keep a tab of how much Yoann and I spend whenever we travel. Spending money is probably the easiest task there is, and that is even made more true when traveling. So yes, I am starting a travel inventory. I used to do this all the time for my work so doing it again now is only coated with sweet nostalgia. I must say this list is accurate enough at 98%. I was able to keep most of the receipts!

Quantity and unit price is indicated below as (axb); 3×13; 3 qty x 13 unit price = total transaction amount. Laugh all you want at my attempt at Maths but YOU wouldn’t want to miss that for bargaining! Sundry /sundree/ pertains to miscellaneous, infrequent expenses (those that don’t fall under the other categories, basically).

Here we go!

Expenses Summary:

1st Day = PhP 2,595.50

2nd Day = PhP 4,406.00

3rd Day = PhP 2,690.00

4th Day = PhP 886.50

5th Day = PhP 5,650.00

6th Day = PhP 3,175.32

7th Day = PhP 1,827.00

Plane ticket for two = PhP9,062.38

TOTAL: PhP35,292.70 or 17,746.35 pesos per person. 

Remember: 7 days of good food and various island adventures!




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