Year 2012 & beyond

Maki Success!

Inspired maki brought to you by perseverance. I’m properly cooked sesame seeds away from perfection. Yey!


Serious fun.

31 Reasons Why Your Small Business Will Succeed

Personal Traits

  1. You’re cocky and full of yourself But that’s good, because most people are afraid to run a business.
  2. If this business fails, your next one won’t Perpetual optimism, the gift of the entrepreneur.
  3. You take way too many risks Most people like stability—not us entrepreneurs, we take the risks and reap the rewards.
  4. In fact, you’re a fool for even trying this At least, that’s what people tell me. I usually do it anyway, and it usually works well.
  5. Did I mention you’re stubborn Which is also one reason you’ll succeed. People who follow the grain never stand out.
  6. And you really don’t like giving up Unless you have an idea that’s better…

Click and read on if you love yourself way too much that you think you are the master of the universe and nothing can stop you from putting up the next Apple company but is admittedly in dire need of motivation because actual human beings like to put others down in real life. Or if you simply want to get a few good laughs.