Parc des Oiseaux / Bird Park in France

When I visited Berlin all by myself for its Natural History Museum (click to be mesmerized by a Vogel mustache) in November 2011, it was freaking cold I literally froze (my ass off) yet I’ve nonetheless learned that the birds’ evolutionary descendants were dinosaurs. Such a remarkable discovery, I know! It was also during this trip that I met a young, early twenty-ish Spanish guy who felt guilty over Spain’s colonization of the Philippines centuries ago, and a 40-ish Spanish hobo whom I’ve recently seen on Facebook to have visited the Philippines!

Back to the museum, after spacing out for a few minutes looking at a glass-laminated fossil of birds’ supposed link to dinosaurs (that really looked like pigeon ribs – they were so tiny & as incomprehensible as how a pigeon’s ribs would look like, etched into a hardened mud), I was like, man, being able to fly is not enough huh. Birds are such a kick ass species! What can they not do?

And so it is with great honor that I present to you some photos from the bird park we visited yesterday. A living proof that humanity will always make the most out of its shortcomings… by holding those with greater abilities in captivity. Aha! I love them birds. The park is in France and the website has a proper version in English (hurray!). I tried my best to capture more than 3,000 bird varieties but alas! I’m only human. Enjoy!

Dinosaur in the flesh! Be very afraid…

Uh huh, someone was not quite pleased!

While others simply walked away.